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Angier Ames Healdsburg, CA – Easton, Massachusetts, California

First Name : Angier
Last Name : Ames
Gender : M
Age : 44
City : Healdsburg, CA - Easton, Massachusetts
State : CA
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (707)955-6581
Alias 1 : Angier Ames
Alias 2 : Angier Moseley Ames
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Angier Moseley Ames of Healdsburg, California and of Boston, Massachusetts drugged and raped me for 3 days. He gave me such a strong drug that I almost died 3 times. I was blacking out, passing out and I could not speak or move for hours. I tried to walk and I kept falling over and over and I could not even sit. I would occasionally wake up and he was raping me and I could not feel my body. One time I remember slapping him and crying as he raped me. He said he wanted to tie me up with jump ropes. Angier Ames gave me such strong drugs that I had extremely severe chest pain and I had trouble breathing and swallowing. I was hallucinating and I was having horrible seizures. One time I woke up and he yelled at me so much that I thought he would hit me. He told me that he was arrested for hitting his previous girlfriend who is a nurse. He plans on moving to Portugal and he also has Australian citizenship. Please beware!! Angier Moseley Ames has a serious drug problem, he is a rapist and he beats women plus he is emotionally abusive with a short temper. His phone number is 707-955-6581 and also 707-395-0219 and his address is 1784 Riverview Dr Healdsburg, CA 95448. He gave me such a powerful drug that I still have severe chest pain and it’s been a month. I have horrible nightmares of what Angier Ames did to me. My doctor said he gave me a drug that is like a powerful anaesthetic that is used mainly for colon surgery. So the patient is awake but feels nothing and remembers nothing. Angier Ames also told me that he likes to dress up like a woman. And he was spraying the room to get rid of evil spirits. I ALMOST DIED FROM THE POWERFUL DRUGS ANGIER AMES GAVE ME. I WAS PARALYZED FOR OVER 8 HOURS AND HE JUST LEFT ME THERE AND WOULD RAPE ME ALL NIGHT AND ANGIER AMES WAS HITTING ME WITH HIS ELBOW. ANGIER AMES IS DANGEROUS. I REPORTED HIM SEVERAL TIMES TO THE POLICE AND THERE IS A DOCUMENTED RECORD. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SERIAL RAPIST! Every time he gave me a sip of a drink, I would pass out. Angier Ames laughed and said they were Roofies.

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