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Angeline Michele Garrett, New Jersey

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Angeline Michele Garrett has a histrionic personality disorder and she is a desperate attention seeker. She is a gold digger using her child to extract money and to manipulate men. Half of her family has been through and suffered her manipulation and luckily her old kids left her to keep their sanity. She has already besides her marriages one of her exs in jail and another one that died safe when his mother took over. She has spent most of her life in bars and taverns hooking up with guys, pretending that she is an artist. She is known as a jealous vampire practicing black magic on drugs, with her boyfriends, to keep their victims in trance. She is a sex whore stalking and harassing ppl to get her way and she is after innocent ones in churches always asking for money pretending that she is a good mother and person. Angela Michele Garrett was recently kicked out her house because of her dirt and the distraction she was creating to extract money from friends and family. This woman is very manipulative and won’t hesitate to lie and accuse you about anything when she is not having her alchool and drugs! Be aware!

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