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Angela Utley – Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Angela Utley is a freak that lives in low income housing in Tulsa. What is Tulsa spelled backwards? A SLUT! Yes, that’s what she is: A SLUT! Angela Utley is a fat, older woman who is gross.

Angela has kids and is a single mom. One daughter she has either has autism or is mildly retarded. Angela is on SSI that she blows on liquor, so she can get drunk and do camwhore shows in her bathtub. She is known as “Bathtub Girl”. Angela has been on Chaturbate and other XXX rated websites, masturbating for others. She sits in the bathtub all day wallowing in pi$s and vaginal squirt, while she gets even more drunk and talks sh!t!

Angela also did some lame podcasts on Spreaker years ago, under the name: “Truth Angel”, talking about her and her kid’s Ass Burger problems. Angela puts on this “mother of the year” act, around people she knows, but once the kids aren’t around, she is shoving objects into her mouth and vag on camera for other men. Angela likes girls too. She’s bisexual. She’s all for gang bangs and having trains run on her. One man certainly isn’t enough. She wants more!

Don’t believe me? Here she is on Youtube (wearing clothes), giving a long preview of what she likes to do:

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