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Andrew Won Young Lee, Redlands, California

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Name: Andy Lee
Full name: Andrew Won Young Lee
Works as MD (Radiology Resident) at Loma Linda Medical Center.
From Columbus, Ohio
Went to Ohio State
Lives in Redlands, California
Korean American
29 years old

Phone number: 614-302-4354

Cheated and lied; played the victim; lurks around Coffee Meets Bagel while in a relationship; says the sweetest words with no meaning; porn addiction; known to have followed 70+ naked women on Instagram and social media; currently in a “relationship” as of 10/11/2016 after cheating on his “love of his life and soulmate” less than 3 months ago. Will not last. He is bad news. Cannot be trusted. Has overbearing older superdramatic sibling. Much older parents. Raised as a baby and spoiled to death. Doesn’t appreciate what he has, will say “I love you” for sex then will cheat behind your back when he gets bored. Does not deserve to be a healthcare professional.

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