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Andrew Joseph Callens

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So I met this jerk who came to Atascadero California to stay with his sister who I also knew. He was breaking up with his girlfriend in Colorado, I just found out how super smart she is, to get with me.

He also gave me this totally lame story about visiting his “ex wife” who is legally still his wife, and says he is sleeping in the back of his trashy truck. I don’t believe a word out of his stupid mouth, when I call him, he is always finding a reason not to talk.

He is so lazy, all he wants to do is play video games, and won’t get a damn job… he won’t have sex either!

2 thoughts on “Andrew Joseph Callens

  1. Wow you sound pathetic! I think he is amazing in bed. Maybe you have a stinky old twat. Come to A town! We will show you how we deal with old pathetic hoes!!!!!!! You know what? you shouldn’t have to drug and rape men to get sex you old fucking HAG

  2. If you are as “super smart” as you say you are, you would realize he wants nothing to do with you, and stop harassing and stalking this guy.
    He hasn’t cheated on anyone. You’re just pissed that he saw through your facade and recognized the psycho that you are and left you.
    He isn’t getting back with his soon to be ex wife, he is simply spending time with their children. He’s being a father. Any normal, sane woman would be happy about that.
    His employment is none of your business. He is far from lazy, and anyone that actually knows him will tell you that.
    Unlike you, he hasn’t been fired from multiple jobs for creating a hostile work environment.
    And maybe he didn’t want to have sex with you for a multitude of reasons: like lying about your age; lying about having been married; lying about your employment; lying about not having children… Hmmmm.

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