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Andrew Hadrian Bennett, Boulder, CO, USA/Breanna Workman, Leadville, CO, USA

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Andrew and I dated for nearly 3 years before I broke up with him. A week later he started dating my BEST FRIEND Breanna Workman. I found out some time later that he had actually been cheating on me with her for 8 months before I broke up with him. For a full year after this they harassed me on and off campus, threatened my physical safety, and spread slanderous lies about me to make themselves look and feel better about what they had done. At one point, Andrew even called the police and lied, saying I had a plan to kill myself. I had to go to the hospital and pay a $3000 ER bill because of him. He works in restorative justice in different counties around northern Colorado and threatened to use his connections in that field to have me arrested. He refused to give me any of my things back- I had to threaten legal action just to get my books from his place. Fast forward to 2017 and I found out he had also posted nude photos of me online without my permission.

Breanna, oh Breanna. We were good friends. And you lied to my face for months. Fuck you. This girl told me she went through the same thing that they were putting me through when she was in high school. And she turned around and did it to someone else- me! This girl has also told me some really fucked up shit about herself- she is beyond messed up. She actually thinks that what she did was ok because she “loves him” as if that makes it any better. She’s a lying, cheating, sack of shit with barely half a brain.

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