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Andrew Eaton New York NYPD

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A year ago I reported that I met this person back a few years ago at a bar in midtown Manhattan. He was charming and full of stories about his naval and police heroics. He further led me to believe that he is single and completely unattached. All what I now believe to be rehearsed lines from a sociopathic individual who will say or do anything in order to womanize. I was recently in New York on the weekend of the explosion in Chelsea and took a chance to text him beforehand believing that he was still single and fun. I learned quickly to back off due to his aggressive nature…both by calling me several times and leaving voicemails stating that he was going to come to my hotel to find out what room I was in. Something didn’t sit right with me and I soon found out he is married with a family and has/had several girlfriends and likes to promise women the world, all lies…to string them along at the furtherance of his own agenda. Stay away ladies, he is quite adept at head games and talk. All empty promises from a sick man. He also took credit for someone else’s heroism that weekend in an attempt to impress me. Shameful. In the past year it is evident that he never learned his lesson despite having sworn off his lifestyle in three way conversations between me, his wife and himself. He continues to pretend to care about his family and the embarrassment that he has caused them but he’s only using them to gain sympathy to prevent being exposed. I also learned that he still uses Tinder and other sites to perpetuate his lifestyle at the expense of other women. Manipulates feelings and weaknesses.

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