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Amy Crafton, Aka Tsia Sway -England – Shelbyville, Indiana

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This is Shelbyville Indiana biggest home wrecking whore ever . She will literally pay any man to sleep with her special it has anything to do with her half sisters ex-boyfriend or husbands she even slept with an 85-year-old man to pay for a car . She’s been going after my husband for five years telling him that she can pay everything for him if he left me . She has passed around STDs tell at least 45 men in Shelbyville and this is a woman that is supposed to be a grandmother but she never took care of her kid she picked a Child molester over own daughter .. she’s a drug attic she will suck any man for head of crack .. so beware of her she changes her cars her man never changes her panties she stinks and smells she follows everybody that she stalks around just beware of her .. she also sleeps with women get her help to stalk other man.

2 thoughts on “Amy Crafton, Aka Tsia Sway -England – Shelbyville, Indiana

  1. Oh boy, we see that whoever wrote this needs to go back to school. Jolean, jerrika, and Haley, you are as pathetic as they come. You need to get your facts straight and speak the truth. Amy doesn’t want any man of jolean ‘s, shit jolean’s got those croch crickets, and them pants all crusty. Jolean is so jealous of Amy, she can’t see straight. Sorry but Amy is no tubby, like jolean. And jolean’s the one who went after any guy Amy was with, just out of pure jealousy. Jerrika, you have no room to talk about anyone, you lost custody of your child for smoking meth. And the men you have been with, more than anyone can count. Just like your so called mom, keeping that mouth open and those legs open for business. And you say Amy has been with 45 men, sorry complete fabrication in your pathetic non existing mind. Amy does pay guys, and she does chase or trap them, unlike you all do. The biggest panty sniffers in Shelbyville. Everybody knows jerrika and haley are panty munching sisters. And where did you learn to spell, idiots, irrelevant pieces of trash jolean, jerrika and haley are. Drug attic????? Lmfao who is the one that went to jail for dealing Jolean, and who is the one doing meth, jerrika. . As for haley, you can run that nasty cock sucker all you want, you don’t have the ass to back it up. Why don’t you all stop with your lies and jealousy, and get a damn life. Everyone is laughing at how much of trash you all are. This post about Amy is completely false and made up. Get a damn life…Tell the truth..Bunch of jealous liars we got posting made up shit like this. Oh, get a dictionary, and learn how to spell..

  2. Jolean need to to stop spreading lies about Amy. Amy did nothing to you, but you sure as hell harassed and stalked her. And now your dumb ass is writing lies on this shit. Amy doesn’t get around, unlike you, everyone knows you are Shelbyville’s biggest whore. You came after me, while I was with Amy, telling me lies, and bitch you were married, and all the other men you went after while you were married. And you are married to a convicted meth dealer still and have all these guys coming around. Jolean has been so jealous of Amy, because Amy works and pays for all she owns. She doesn’t pay men, but jolean will off drugs to someone to get them to fuck her dank ass. And I can tell you, Jolean has given so many men the crabs and the clap. And the smell that comes off jolean is quite disgusting. Why would Amy want to be Jolean? Amy has is all, looks, skinny and still hot for her age
    Jolean on the other hand, is extra tubby size, her face looks like a bulldog, and she isn’t pretty at all. So to the person who wrote this bullshit about Amy, you are a liar.

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