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Amiri Jay Bronx, New York

First Name : Amiri
Last Name : Jay
Gender : M
Age : 20
City : Bronx
State : NY
Country : US
Alias 1 : Mr. Teeny Dick
Alias 3 : Mr. I Have Smegma On My Balls
Website 1 : click to view website

This guy right here…. LOSER.
1. He keeps a small cup by his bed to rinse off the tip of his tiny little d**k when he jerks off to gay p**n.
2. He’s broke. He often steals ramen noodles from the corner store because he doesn’t have the 35cents to pay for it. The store owner knows but just feels sorry for him because he grew up with this loser’s mom, who was the neighborhood prostitute. So he has NO IDEA who his daddy is…
3. He has an older drag queen friend who he runs errands for with dog tags around his neck because the drag queen refers to him as “my pet”. She pays him to suck on her toes.

Every now and then, this loser meets a nice girl but she heads for the hills because he wants her to do things like pour hot wax on his a*****e or tickle his b***s with a feather from behind. He also likes girls, AND BOYS, to pee on him. It freaks them out.
Stay away. He’s crazy.

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