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Amanda Lynn Foster Mandy Smith Viola Arkansas Austin Diagnostic Clinic Texas

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She defines crazy. Diagnosed as bipolar with Multiple Personality Disorder (now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder DSM-5 300.14). I have her EOB’s and some doc notes I’ll consider posting here, std’s included. She is 40 tho the tanning & drugs make her look 60. Many aliases include:
Amanda Lynn Foster
AMANDA Diane Foster
Amy Booth
Amy Smith
Amy Foster
Mandy Foster
Mandi Smith
Mandi Lynn Smith
Mandy Booth
Mandee Foster
Amanda Lynn Smith
Amanda Lynn Booth

She works at Austin Diagnostic Clinic. She morphs into four personalities in an hour. Worst and most psychotic boss ever. I’m glad they fired her. She comes on to employees and sends nudes. She has blue hair one day, pink hair the next day, will be crying at her desk then start laughing. No amount of medicine fixes her. Just ask her ex husband. She moves all over. Only states never lived in is Alaska and Idaho.

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