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Amanda Cruse in Jacksonville

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They say don’t stick your dick in crazy- and they’re talking about Mandy Cruse. Crazy eyes here is a lazy, victimized, maneater who only loves you as long as you live up to her current personality’s standards. As soon as you stop being picturesque, you are dropped like a hot potato.
Despite running her own blog and online businesses, Miss Mandy has never had an original thought in her life. Her blog posts, businesses and even her daughter’s first birthday party were taken directly from other more successful bloggers.
She got herself knocked up on purpose against her ex husband’s wishes so she could keep up with some chick online and now refuses to let him see his kids so some redneck schmuck can try and fill in his boots.

10 thoughts on “Amanda Cruse in Jacksonville

  1. What’s truly sad is that I thought this was REPORT MY EX? A site designed to report your ex for infidelities? Or psychotic behavior? This post is laughable. After a little research, I notice that her ex-husband is also on this site. Sounds like jealousy and a troll posting on this website to make Amanda look bad when in actuality her ex-husband is the real piece of work. I’m sorry, but anyone who would cheat on their spouse when children are involved needs a psych-eval, in my humble opinion. Get a life and leave this poor girl alone. From the looks of it, she won’t have any trouble finding a decent man who can step up.

  2. All he says is true! Seen it with my own eyes for years! When a man is expected to buy a house for her but she blows over 3 grand for jeep accessories but it’s his fault they could not buy a house. Wow! I know the truth when it comes to the first man she was suppose to marry. She was engaged and cheated. The one she married left because he was that miserable! She and her mom ran him off. He was never allowed to even be a man.

    1. I know her and him and he constantly cheated on her during their marriage. There were numerous posts about him on a Gadsden Confessions Facebook page. I don’t see how she stuck around as long as SHE did. I’m sorry but no MAN goes on different rendezvous with different women instead of supporting his family. I wouldn’t post lies about a woman who has screenshots of the messages between her disgusting ex husband and the other women who could so easily leak them. Just saying.

    2. First of all, it is obvious, someone is telling you what they claim to be the truth, I am assuming to justify their psychotic actions, not only once but twice. Anyone who knows both of them knows that these two are total opposites. One is a loving, caring, educated, sacrificing parent, outgoing, and truthful. You can chose which one of these two that you think fits the profile. Before you go pointing fingers know both sides of the story because there is always to sides. And, you might just cringe at the truth.

  3. Two divorces within five years for the ex-husband? I’m not buying that it was this girl’s fault one bit. What “man” would allow two women to control him anyways? I call bullshit. Tell your friend (the ex husband) to grow a set and stop crying about losing two beautiful wives.

  4. I’m sure you would Adam, you’re just as big of a piece of shit as this piss poor excuse of a man playing victim to all his ex’s. Yet never paid a bill throughout either of his marriages. What a catch. He did these women a service. I hear there is a special place in hell for men like you.

  5. First and foremost I know both of these people and if you do know them then you know that both of them are on this site because of each other. The truth behind all the mayhem of people picking sides is that neither party in this marriage/divorce is innocent. We cannot forget that Vinny dealt with emotional issues(that’s what I’m going to call it) and sought comfort iin other women but we cannot deny also that Mandy wanted attention and sought it all the same. They were off to a horrible start before they ever even started. Mandy was engaged and living with her future husband when she met Vinny and eventually called off the marriage and moved out and got together with Vinny. Is that not infidelity on both sides? She made a promise to a man and shot her word to hell and Vinny should have respected her relationship prior and never should have pursued. Now let’s fast forward shall we? 6 months in they are engaged? We all know that couple and knew then it was never going to last. They barely knew each Other but that wasn’t our right to say otherwise. Slowly things started to unravel in their relationship. Social media was the cause of their destruction. Vinny told me he seen all the love notes on Facebook between her and her ex that we’re current and the love notes she kept in a shoebox(which were old) in their closet but like I said Vinny was no angel either. He talked to his fair share of women and entertained all their advances towards them and of course it was broadcasted. I think the difference here is that women are spiteful and wanted their revenge while men will just move without a drama show. Anyhow, I could go on and on about the mistakes made they made in their marriage but the main reason I am saying what I saying it because when I heard about these articles I had to see for myself and honestly it’s kind of sickening to see people behaving this way. Truth is they had a marriage that failed because neither of them were truly ready. Yes Vinny made mistakes and Mandy made mistakes but those mistakes don’t define them nor is one infidelity greater than another. They both committed it. I hope now that everyone on this site picking sides and feeling the need to pour salt in wounds will let it rest now and realize that the best thing these two ever did for each other was get a divorce and allow themselves to move on and be great parents to their children. They are blessed to have them and should love them as so. I am someone who knows the full story from both sides and as we all know there are three sides to every story. Hers, his, and the truth.

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