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Alyssa Luedtke Palmyra, Wisconsin

First Name : Alyssa
Last Name : Luedtke
Gender : F
Age : 19
City : Palmyra
State : WI
Country : US
Phone : (262)527-8965

Wasnt cheating on me because blow jobs ain’t s*x. Nether is sexting guys in other states. At 16 saw nothung wrong with taljing to guys 30 and older in othwr states. Always gets that kind of strep throat. Incapable of telling the truth. Not smart in anyway. Lives in own fantasy. Loves older guys. Wants to be with her own father.
Doesn’t get what she wants tells people you forced her. Tells people her xs kill themselves because they can’t live without her. So I righting from my grave.

5 thoughts on “Alyssa Luedtke Palmyra, Wisconsin

  1. People feel sorry for her. She tells people a bunch of s**t about her terrible family and home life. Told the cops she prepaid for a tattoo and the person skipped. More like she didn’t get her tattoo after prepaying. And not with cash.

  2. She and her current hookup are a laugh. Both their IQ together might hit 50. For a few weeks she hit up everyone at both her jobs for a place to live. She found one 18 years older.

  3. Has no true emotions. Getting what she wants makes her happy. Does not care if she caused damage to other relationships. Sees no wrong. If things don’t go her way she cries rape. Has done this to several.

  4. Will keep simple. Liar, lives in a different world, has no idea what true emotions are, see nothing wrong with destroy peoples lives, done with people moves on without a care. Can not stay loyal to anyone. Never her fault.

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