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Alison Leah Judd. Syracuse. NY. USA

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Sometimes goes by Alison Young. Lives in Syracuse, NY (Cicero). Born September 6. Pretends she is a well meaning single mom trying to put her life back together, when in reality she has a number of secret lives with many sexual partners without disclosing (men and women). Highly intelligent, excellent at reading people and morphing into a very real feeling personification of what she senses the partner is looking for. Tends to try to lure men in via online dating under the pretense of a relationship, while preferring clubs and swinger events for the short term. (You won’t know this at first.)

What she discloses differs based on her analysis of each partner – has a different story for every man and is good at hiding it for a number of weeks or even months before the story starts to fall apart and her secret life becomes apparent. Has many concurrent unsafe relationships.

A favorite technique is acting the victim but with “cool” tendencies — has a bit of a Joan Jett vibe. An exceptionally good actress, she can mirror whatever she thinks you are looking for in order to get what she wants. This way she can attract a wide variety of partners — players (obtaining danger, and sex) attractive, successful and empathetic men (at least for a time until they figure her out, but gets free dinner as well as sex.) She will shack up with men under the pretense of wanting a relationship but invariable gets kicked out several months in.

She enjoys playing men against each other without their knowledge and the drama that ensues. This ensures any drama can be kept quiet but if there is an outburst, she can claim with some conviction that the other man is “crazy”. Has an ex husband in Toronto that wisely stayed away, as well as some functionally crazy partners (brilliant tactic) so that you are not sure exactly where the truth ends or begins.

She lives off of her parents and tends to couch surf. Be on particular lookout for the company she keeps – Leigh Flynn, an ugly, overweight swinger with a skinny but equally unappealing “husband” that are constantly having the authorities called as they have kids that in all honesty are very much at risk in that house.

Alison is well known in the Syracuse area and is often seen with multiple dating profiles — she’s known as far as Rochester, and has even hadexploits trying to ensnare Canadians that live close to the border.

Sometimes goes by babygothangel, or variants thereof (brokenragdoll, etc). Has a vaguely Joan Jett / Suicide Girls kind of look so very easy for people to get taken in, and has a proclivity toward Tim Burton emo-culture (another technique is to liken you and her to Jack/Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.)

She will attempt to accelerate a bond with you (so you let your guard down) by sharing manufactured “special moments”. It is typically the same with every man – the first stage is usually having her want to watch REPO: The Musical. At the first organ reposession, she will look at you periodically to see your reaction — she is scanning you; your emotional response is being studied.

Another thing she will do is ask you to give her an article of clothing or trinket so she can “have a little piece of you to be with” her, and give you one of hers under the pretense of the same — she does this early on to make you think there is a special connection. Again, I can’t stress this enough – she is a brilliat tactician. Be on your guard.

She also has a “spank bank” — there is a folder on her computer with many photos of former partners. I happened upon it – a folder with her posing in the same restaurants with the EXACT SAME POSE with multiple partners, with the same facial expression. Again, virtually none of these partners have any idea. A handful of complicit ones do — Mike, whom she uses as a convenient target (prop) to make other partners jealous (and, if she’s lucky enough to get an attractive put-together partner, will occassionally attempt to put Mike and this chap together in a sick “competition” for her amusement, which often is more effective than it isn’t.)

Keep an eye on your wallets with this woman – she will steal cash from you, and try to break you after trying (and especially if she doesn’t succeed) break your heart and inevitably your cash reserves. Also, don’t sleep with her — and if you’ve already been taken in, get yourself tested IMMEDIATELY.

She will ruin you if you let her — don’t give her that chance. If she fancies you on any level, she will Facebook stalk you, or stalk you electronically (for years) using both real accounts as well as fake ones. Another tactic she favors is to message all your friends in an effort to try and influence them; is driven, obsessive, and not used to losing.

It’s worth noting that her pious, highly Christian mother and her father (who is honestly a good guy but now very understandably fed up with his now 34 year old, sporadically employed daughter) have no idea the extent of the drugs, unprotected orgies and drama that go on. In short, Alison lies about everything to everyone, has conned people from Toronto to Ohio, and these lies have festered over many, many years. She is also an alcoholic with substance abuse issues. She has numerous cutmarks from self-injury on her inner thighs (so even in a miniskirt you can’t see them until you take her to bed, and you feel bad for her which is consequently how she gets you. And she is very, VERY good at it and is not to be underestimated.

She likes to take new recruits to local restaurants.

Known hangouts: Trexx (nightclub on North Clinton), Tully’s (Cicero), Denny’s.

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