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Alicyn Sterling, United States, USA

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Alicyn Sterling (also known as Carrie Bittner) who happens to be an adult actress or female adult entertainer/female adult performer is an evil discriminatory racist bigot and also a highly color prejudiced skin color discriminator who happens to be against African-American males or Black men in particular and targets her sick and malicious skin color prejudice especially against them.

Her other names which she has used include Carrie Bittner (as previously mentioned), Alicyn Storm, Allison Sterling, Alycin Sterling, Carrie Cruise, Carrie Mitchell, Cheri Bonet, Lynette Sterling, Mandy White, and PJ Kerrington. Her gross racism and filthy prejudice has been about skin color discrimination against these African-American males or Black men as previously mentioned because of her great racist disgust and the immense amount of racist hatred for the skin color of these African-American men or Black males that she has.

Therefore, serious condemnation of the harshest type and kind possible must be shown against Alicyn Sterling (also known as Carrie Bittner) for such a revolting and a disgusting act and such harsh and serious condemnation is one indeed she is most certainly deserving of so that she may be revealed as the deceitfully, crooked, corrupt, despicable, unclean, dirty, racially-pungent, wicked-minded, rotten-hearted, and mentally retarded skin color bigot and skin color sicko racist she absolutely indeed is.

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