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Alexis Teauge. Ashtabula, Ohio, USA. Real name Alexis “Lexi” Tasker.

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Real name Alexis Marie “Lexi” Tasker from Mansfield, Ohio. Age 21. Also lived in Westfield, Indiana. Screen names include HGHime, Helvengurl, Arska. I met this whore in August 2014. Eight or nine months later I saw her for what she was and realized almost everything she had ever told me about herself & her life were lies. Luckily this happened before we both left Ohio and moved in together somewhere. She is a pathological liar who was looking for other guys to fuck behind my back on dating sites. While she was telling me how much she loved me and talking about wanting to marry me, she was out offering her well used cunt to any stiff dick that would risk a trip down that gaping hole. She also fucked her friends boyfriend 2 years ago so this doesnt even seem to be new behavior for this piece of shit.

She is manipulative as hell. Very good at playing the victim and pretending to be so freaking self righteous & nice until she slips and reveals her true colors. She is fucked up and has no real feelings or empathy for other human beings. She wanted to watch my ex girlfriend suffer so she could gloat and enjoy her pain. She will completely screw you over and turn around & blame you for it because she is a coward to the core. She is too weak to even own up to her own bullshit without lying to herself and trying to pretend it was somehow justified. I trusted her with things I had never dared to tell anyone before. I gave her everything and she stabbed me in the back. I left her and found someone freaking normal. Life has only gotten better since then. Do yourself a favor and avoid this nut job.

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  1. lol your fucking cute posting fake information you know what? I am gonna track you down and post your fucking facebook you ugly cunt

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