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Alexandru Atlanta, Georgia united states

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NEVER EVER DATE THIS MAN ladies I’m telling you to be aware of this man he is nothing but a LIER he will leave you broke and nothing at all but a wet ass and a broken heart behind you let me break it down to what he did to me

first I met him and he seemed like the most sweetest most loving the most handsome guy I have ever seen and it seemed like a dream come true and I was falling for him hard he seemed like he cared about me and my kids and he was just everything I was looking for in a man a husband a friend just anything and everything u would want then after a few months I find out the real colors of this man Alex and that’s what he would want you to call him for short by the way

so anyways come to find out for starters he likes to be on this app called TINDER haha its like his fish pool of women that the place where he picks up all his woman that he wants or feels he need to talk to when he is in a whole relationship HA THATS FUNNY AS HELL but I digress I found out that he was talking to over 100 women he would get at least 20 to 40 emails a day I would hear his phone go off so many times and he would look you dead in your face and tell u its nothing don’t worry about it its another app LIKE REALLY and don’t try to go threw his phone oh no he will just tell you to believe him and its all in your head IMA TELL YOU, LADIES, HE WILL SAY I will never cheat on a woman women always cheat on me woman don’t like me they always leave me THATS A BOLD-ASS LIE LADIES DONT FALL FOR IT TRUST ME I DID

then i found out that he slept with about 80 out of the 100 woman that he talked to you probably wondering how do i know this because some of the women messaged me on my social media PLENTY OF THEM HAS EMAILED ME i had gotten phone calls from these woman its been so many times i had gotten calls from different woman saying they slept with him and I was stupid enough to believe him I didn’t want to believe it but it was true then after hearing that bad news I was told that he never uses a condom with these girls TRUST ME I ASKED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE GIRLS THAT CALLED ME and every single one he did not use a condom on so i got smart and asked him myself because we didn’t use one so I got the thinking and wondered why we didn’t use them im thinking we trusted each other enough not to use one and we both was tested so I didn’t have to worry about anything until NOW and he told me and said I DONT USE CONDOMS BECAUSE IT MAKES ME HAVE NO FEELING WHEN I USE THEM and my heart just stopped and I could say anything after that

I mean this relationship just couldn’t get any worse i found out he was talking to women with children plenty of woman has let me know that they children was calling him daddy i found out that he was letting these women drive his car and they was giving them money to take care of his bills and after he would have sex with this woman he would just up and leave these woman and never hear from him after and they were trying to find him that’s how they ended up calling and messaging me after they gave him money and keys to they place and helping him get his car fixed and everything else above HE ONLY WORKS AT WALMART HE DONT HAVE ANY MONEY I WS PAYING FOR EVERYTHING THAT HE WANTED he is a broke nasty cheating lying man that no woman ever deserves in their lives or their kids lives

if he tells you he loves you, ladies, it is a bold ass lie he will tell you that he is falling for you and we all know we want someone to say that to use it feels good to hear it but ITS ALL A LIE TO FOR HIM TO SLEEP WITH YOU TRUST ME I FELL FOR IT AS WELL he will tell you that every woman he had just left him and didn’t want him and cheated on him and everything else above its all fake believe me he just wants you to feel sorry for him im telling you hide your purses hide your wallets hide anything with money because that’s all he wants from you he will seem like the guy next door but he is not JUST BE WARNED WITH THIS INFO LADIES AND I HOPE IT REACHES OUT TO ALL WOMAN ABOUT THIS MAN he is a compleat lier don’t let him take your happiness and just stomp on it because he really does not care he is just looking for the next woman to ruin YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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