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Alex Washburn

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Alex Washburn is a drunkard and can be found schlepping the beaches of North West FL looking for anything with a vagina. He is married to my friend Sandy Washburn. Besides being a lush, Alex preys on married women. He engages women in cyber sex on FB. Alex trolls FB in search of married women, while Sandy is drunk a d passed out. He makes himself out to be rich, which is not the case. Alex cannot hold down a job b/c he drinks so much. His mommy is famous for bailing him out of trouble. Alex lies about everything. Right now he is messing around with a married Russian girl and Sandy does not know. He takes women to his mother’s Laguna beach house to f### them, under the pretense of “workin.” Alex calls Sandy while out with his whore. He can also be found hauling said whores around town with him while he is working. Alex owns a Smith and Wesson, and he is famous for threatening people with it. As far as sex goes, Alex sucks in bed. He is lacking in skill needed to please a woman. Sandy would be better off without him.

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