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Alektra Blue, Arizona, United States

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Alektra Blue who is an adult actress, female adult performer, and female adult entertainer is in fact a filthy racist and a slimy and unclean bigot and a stinking skin color prejudiced person to the highest and greatest of all degrees. Her racist venom is directed towards African-American males or Black men especially. Alektra Blue was born Sasha Clifford in Phoenix, Arizona according to some (others say Mesa, Arizona while others say Scottsdale, Arizona). Her other aliases or other names that she has used include: Alectra Blue, Elektra, and Alectra. As stated before she full of the toxic filth of racist venom and racist poison towards African-American men or Black men especially because of the tremendous and immense hatred she has towards their skin color or skin complexion which she despises fiercely, forcefully, and intensely. It is for this reason that Alektra Blue must be blacklisted, denounced, reviled, and condemned to the highest and greatest of all degrees as well so that she may be exposed as being the malice-filled, malignant, noxious, nauseating, stink, antagonistic, spite-filled bigot and contemptible and revolting mentally crippled or mentally ill racist she absolutely and truthfully is.

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