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Albert Michael Sereday

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Albert Michael Sereday is mentally ill and a gold digger. He is a class A drug abuser,dealer and an alcoholic. He promises anything to appear in love. Many have been fooled and he has a long history of rapping, drug dealing and cheating. He travels from N.Jersey to Florida attempting satanic gatherings with other mentally and physically disabled friends. He has a recent story with Lisa Virgillio Barret planning to get her house and left her on people’s fundings and bank mortgages when she got ill. Albert Michael Sereday is also involved with sex trafficking, strippers and bar girls looking for doggie style sex and abuse. He brags that he is a a jewellery store owner while he can hardly get a construction job. He is a corn artist and he can be very convincing! Be aware!

5 thoughts on “Albert Michael Sereday

  1. Mikey is facing his downfall. He is baby sitting the kids of a desperate widow claiming that they are in love to get the attention of their families to gain money. She has no morals while she is pretending that she is a lady and mocking his sister because she is younger. She is known as a jealous energy vampire. Pls be aware because they don’t hesitate to mess with people’s whole families pretending that they are good.

  2. If this comment is referring to myself. I have never been married. Nor has Michael WATCHED my “kids” I only have one child. And I only ever met his sister once. Whoever made this comment obviously has jealousy and moral issues of their own.

  3. She is Angeline Michele Garrett ignoring half her family, having one of her exs in jail and another one that already died luckily in safe hands because his mom took over the situation. She is known as a jealous energy vampire stalking and harassing people to get her way. She is using her kids while her hey are young expecting others to support her while she is deceiving them. She is picking up anybody in bars in New Jersey and she is a very dirty woman. Only a fool can stand her and unfortunately Mike got his match!!! Be warned they are very sneaky and both cheaters!!!

    1. Yes that’ is her! Angela Michele Garrett and she is having histrionic personality disorder in a serious degree! Very dirty too! Only a retard would want to be with her. We were lucky they got kicked out and moved elsewhere!

  4. This is Angeline Michele Garrett. She has a histrionic personality disorder and we were very lucky she got kicked out and left our neighbourhood. Only a retard can stand her! They were a very dirty and annoying couple and she was rubbing everybody’s parts showing her breasts in public to get money and attention and to make him jealous

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