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Adrian Rozia Glenn

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I met Adrian on a dating site. He seemed to have the qualities I want in a man. Everything was going well and he moved in with me.
Six months in, I caught him video sexting in my bed with a girl from work . I put him out. He pursued me, begging and apologizing. I let him come back. Things seemed to be getting back on track.
I met his mom and she told me about his past history with women.
Come to find out he had been fired from a job for having sex with the female inmates and producing a baby. She went on to tell me that he had dated one of her friends and cheated on her with Mary Cannon  who gave him crabs. His mom also told me that he has never had his own place. He always  meets women and moves in with them. When they ask for rent or a bill to be paid, he moves out while they’re at work.
I didn’t have a problem with him paying rent until he lost his job. Then he started up with Mary Cannon  and a married woman Joane Lewis-Franklin.  I put him out on December 6, 2016. He moved right in with Mary Cannon.
He is on all the free dating sites as ARG365. He’s also trolls social media. So if you come across him, run the other way!

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