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Meet Adan Acuna, lives in Reisterstown and surrounding Baltimore Area. Has a drunk brother, who smokes crack all day named Hector D Acuna. He owns a bunch of houses in the area, is a slumlord who rents out houses to drug dealers to push his crack and other illicit drugs onto the street. We dated, he drugged my drink and raped me. He also tried to molest and abuse my kids. His is a heavy drinker and a drug addict. Was charged with first degree murder for the death of a toddler.

He tells people he works for some security company named Blue Ocean, When i looked it up. It shows as a property management company but I never actually confirmrd this. We dated in South Carolina, then after he did what he did to me, he took off to Baltimore. He is also involved in smuggling illegals across the border. Makes frequent trips out of town to sleep with random women

Big time drug King pin for the MS 13, and sexual predator. Do not date or f**k with him. He is dangerous, disgusting and will rape, drug, rob and steal from you. He has his hands in a lot of illicit things. Please pass the word. He will use witness intimidation and force tactics if you try to report him. Be very careful.

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