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Abe Ambler Usa, Mississippi

First Name : Abe
Last Name : Ambler
Gender : M
Age : 50
City : Usa
State : MS
Country : US

Joshua Moon is an unemployed man, notable for the creation of a website which is used to harass and defame innocent people. Joshua Conner Moon, son of John Moon and Candice Lynn Potter, is running a notorious neo-N**i, white supremacist hate group and cyberbullying website called Kiwi Farms.

Kiwi Farms targets disabled people, particularly people with autism, gays, transgendered, Jews, Muslims, black people, Hispanics, vulnerable people, highly accomplished people, and other minorities. Kiwi Farms has ruined the lives of countless people with defamation and cyberbullying. Kiwi Farms had a forum called “Brown Town” in which they expressed their hatred for black people. Joshua Moon (also known as Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon) called for the genocide of Muslims and has “jokingly” solicited fingers of Jews for necklaces.

One thought on “Abe Ambler Usa, Mississippi

  1. Now Joshua Moon is to blame for slandering this Darren Ambler from USA Miss/ I thought a 38 year old women who was a bitter ex lover of this Ambler was responsible for slander? Abe Ambler??? Nope we even did a Search77 on our computer and still “NO such person exists”//?? Now im confused. Abe are you related to Darren Ambler??

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