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Abdul Quddus Shah, Cliffwood, NJ USA, Pakistan

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Abdul is on many dating sites. Says he is widowed but in actuality has not only one wife but two. One in the USA and one in Pakistan. Both very much alive. He is handsome and charming but make no mistake. He is also a pathological liar, a sex addict and a gambling addict and user. He will try to get your house, your car, your money and do him and his family every kind of favor possible, all the while telling you how successful he is. He has to have every woman he sees, no matter age, race or ethnicity. He will force himself on you if need be. He will court you and make you feel like you are the only woman in his life when in fact he has many, many friends. Eventually he will tire of you and start treating you badly and make it all your fault.

3 thoughts on “Abdul Quddus Shah, Cliffwood, NJ USA, Pakistan

  1. Makes you feel he loves you. Says he wants a good wife when he is already married. He is a user and mental abuser

  2. I had a similar experience with him a few years ago. Months after breaking up he harassed me with txt message. He was basically saying he wanted me back. Recently, he has been coming to my job and harassing me there.

    I believe that he has raped at least two women. Keep in mind that rape is when he goes in with out asking. It doesn’t matter what you are doing before hand or if he goes out when you ask him. It is also forcing a bj.

    How many more women have been abused, harassed or raped by him.

    I am thinking about going to the cops with my story. At the very least he will have on his record the harassment charges and possibly rape.

    I am doing this for the sake of all women. One day somone will know right away what he did to her and she will get a rape kit. When they do the back ground check they will see everything. This will help get him behind bars.

    I pray he does get behind bars. The long the better. I fear he will go back to his small village in Pakistan and do the same to the woman and girls there. However unlike us they do not have a voice.

  3. Met him on a dating site. I tried to break off with him many, many times. Each time he badgered/harassed me until I let him back into my life. He has raped me too and forced me to do other things sexually that I didn’t want to do. He preys on vulnerable women, widows, overweight, ugly, older. He is very mentally abusive too. I’m happy, if I can use that word here, to see I’m not the only one. He has me thinking I am crazy.
    That is his phrase, “I am looking for good wife”. But he is still married. His other line is, you’re not my girlfriend, you’re not my wife, after he makes you think he loves you and then you find things out. This is unreal. I can’t believe I let him into my life. I have tried everything to rid myself of him except calling the police. Maybe it’s time.

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