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Abby Miller, Arizona

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Abby Miller SHEDEVILLLLLLLL. i met abby in 2015. she seemed nice and like a good person/ mother. i was wrong and i regret the day i ever met this piece of trash. she pretends to be this happy sappy abby girl but she is FAAAARRRRR from it!!!!! she spends her days ignoring her daughter-sleeping away her days and lives on her cell phone and eats fast food all day! burgers and pickles!. she told me i was the first guy to come around her child but it turns out i am the 5th!!!!!! she sells her body for $$ and not alot of money. she even tried to strip but she cant keep up and she faked a pregnancy test saying me and her were pregnant but it was not mine bcuz the dates did not add up. she is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is supposed to be seeking pro-help! she gave oral pleasure for an iPhone. if you want to get in this girls pants its not hard give her ONE drink and her clothes come flying off quicker than a stripper. not that anyone wants to see the rolls she has. she told me she has no communication with her “babydaddy” but i found messages from multiple guys as well.. she told me her kids father was an abusive drug alcoholic but it turns out that is her. i found many substances around her and she leaves her kid crying and is a verbally abusive “Mother”! she has no friends bcuz she lays with her friends guys. she is an unhappy SHEDEVIL that needs the LORD!!!! and she steals from the fast food drive in! not to mention her real name isnt even abby its bridgette. she has slept with so many guys (even at once) she gets drunk at clubs and disapears to do people and comes back and pretends like it was not her fault. she is the biggest liar i have ever met and i regret the day i met this lazy girl. leave her alone!

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