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A.Michael Sereday jr

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Mikey is mentally ill on alcohol and drugs. He carries numerous Std’s and he likes to abuse people for money and sex. He will accuse you for anything when he is not having his way. He is very manipulative and convincing. He is involved in black magic gatherings and he is always looking for victims to steal their energy. He travels from New Jersey to Maryland and Florida and has a history of raping, drug dealing and abuses. One of his recent victims Lisa Virgillio Barret got a stroke after having him in her house and he left her on people’s charity to pay her bills, while he got a car and a fake licence, bragging that he saved her life. A. Michael Sereday has numerous profiles looking for doggie style sex and orgies with his friends and cousins. He will pretend that he cannot live without you, that he wants your baby, how fabulous you are, stalking and taking whatever he can from you and when you trust him enough then he will start to ask for money having you spending them on his drugs and trips. He will disappear all of the sudden to mess you and make you think what you have done wrong while he is with another. He is a ruthless and compulsive liar. A. Michael Sereday feels no remorse about his actions and he believes that he has superpowers and that women especially single mothers, because they are more vulnerable, own him. He says that he is a jewellery business man while he can hardly find some construction job to do. Please be warned!

6 thoughts on “A.Michael Sereday jr

  1. He is already facing his downfall. He has to baby sitting his missus kids now, just another desperate one like him… check her out to see how hard she tries to get laid, and know she plays the lady. He is just a paw now Hahaha

  2. Mickey is facing his downfall he is currently staying with a desparate widow and he is baby sitting her kids. They need her family attention so they can gain money and free stuff while he is not doing any decent job. He is on his game and they propably deserve each other because her reputation with guys isnt a lady like. They are both mocking their families with no remorse. Check her out with guys at bars while she pretends to be a good mother

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