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541-480-0962 | | Very Dangerous

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This son of a bitch ought to be in jail. He booked a four-hand massage with my and my bestfriendforever who is younger than me but were both over 18. When he saw her he KEPT asking for sex with her, OVER, and OVER, and OVER and OVER when THATS NOT WHAT WE DO. He knew it was a massage but was instead asking for sex. He was even trying to grab her and harass her. I had to literally block his arms from touching her. The asshole was easily 65 maybe 70 years old, rich white fat man, very old, and at last, we had to leave and end the session shortly. LATER THAT DAY he texted me , ordering me to send the young girl over (referring to my friend who is over 18 but younger than me). I should have reported him earlier but was afraid he would know it was me who posted.

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