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This guy knew very well that the donation for my time was 280, it was in our texts. He KEPT ON texting me also called me all fucking morning until I was able or ready to go see him.As I was On the way to his room he texts saying the door will be open and I can come in and pretend were high school flames. I played along because, who cares, why not. but I realize he didnt have the donation on any visible surface, and he only had 180. (he was shorting me 100). He put me in a compromised position where I could leave with no money or , I could take the lower short 180. To defend myself I shorted him on the time to match how he shorted me with the money. He bickered about how Im so business-like for only doing an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. However I wasnt really ok with performing the specific service for 180. He took advantage of me, lied, and also said he does drugs and had friends waiting for him downstairs. I did the smart thing as usual and stayed alert, kept my pants on, played it off like I was cool with him so dissuade him and prevent a scene from happening. I even continued texting him later to fool him into thinking I wasnt mad about his tricks.I was left quite disheartened to be shorted on the required donation. Cheap, haggler, liar, do not trust. be on guard. Avoid.

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