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Yesenia Delbrey McKinney , Texas

First Name : Yesenia
Last Name : Delbrey
Gender : F
Age : 36
City : McKinney
State : TX
Country : US
Phone : (972)548-2922
Alias 1 : Bleached whale
Alias 2 : Yesi lovens
Alias 3 : Yesenia Benitez

Yesenia Delbrey the morbidly obese bleached whale made it to 36. Born 7-5-82 Yesenia is HIV positive & pathetically chases men who have girlfriends and wives. She hates people telling truth about her- HIV positive, every guy she with ends up behind bars after rejecting her, she has convictions for truancy and wrote hot check to pay for traffic ticket. Yesenia is fat & uneducated & work dead end job at tote the note lot.

Yesenia’s 1st ex husband got convicted of 2 counts of continuous s*x abuse of child under 14. After he got mad when Yesenia cheated on him with the barber she made people lie on Jaison. As of 6-26-18 he locked up for 90 years. 2nd ex husband Yesenia committed fraud & went to battered women’s shelter to get lawyer. Yesenia said on a forum he was a good guy. News flash: people go to DV shelters to get away from mean abusive people, not good guys. Yesenia lied.

Yesenia harassed and stalked Mariana Olguin for months in 2017 she foolishly thought having Mariana deported would get a pilot to like her. Yesenia put Mariana on internet, called her job, called ice, and all it did was get Mariana promoted at work, relocated, and a green card in exchange for testifying against Yesenia. Mariana upgraded guys too. Instead of working on her own inner deamons & baggage Yesenia attacks & ostracizes those she don’t like. She called CPS on Clare Martin in June while being nice to Clare. Yesenia has her eye on David Nelson Clare’s boyfriend. Can’t wait to see the drama ensue. Yesenia said the pilot never banged Mariana or kissed her, dumb a*s knew Mariana spent the night with him regularly. He probably won’t f**k or kiss Yesenia. She got him drunk and kissed him on cheek while he slithered away looked about to vomit. Made it her profile picture. Everyone made fun of her pretending it was her boyfriend when he dates a gorgeous, educated Dominican that has hot body. He went on Facebook and untagged himself from Yesenia & any girl under 200 pounds. This means he untagged pictures with Clare after she got obese & kept pictures w Clare looking thin. Yesenia don’t get it. Guys don’t want fat girls, or girls with vulgar & agressive personalities & baggage. HIV make her ugliest of all.

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