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Walter Mercadante Scranton, Pennsylvania

First Name : Walter
Last Name : Mercadante
Gender : M
Age : 39
City : Scranton
State : PA
Country : US
Phone : (570)904-0590
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Walter William Mercadante is a wannabe con man, thief, liar and convicted felon. He attempts to get people to believe that he has inherited 106 million dollars when in reality he is living off the system (welfare, social security, food stamps, etc.). After Walter convinces his victim that he has this large inheritance he gets the victim to spend money on him with the promise of reimbursement.

He also tells people that he is a former Navy SEAL. Walter claims to have done several tours in Iraq. He is not nor has he ever been affiliated with any of the armed forces.

He claims to be the nephew of Louis DeNaples, a very wealthy, prominent businessman. Mr. DeNaples has never heard of this person and they are not related in any way.

He claims to be a well seasoned nurse/ medic. This person has absolutely no training in the medical field.

When his lies are exposed he becomes irrational, making more excuses trying to cover up his lies. He goes to extremes by using texting apps to call and text victims as several other people to try and get the victim to believe his lies. When it is apparent that his victim no longer wants to be involved he will threaten suicide. He will then stalk, harass and threaten the victim relentlessly. He will threaten to cause havoc (get them fired, get significant others to leave them) in the lives of the victims family members and friends. He will threaten that because of his military status, rich uncle and number of family members on the police force that he is untouchable.

A simple google search of his name will return results of his crimes and convictions in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

If this person contacts you in any way- RUN!!!

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