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Vinny Cerracchio Bridgewater , New Jersey

First Name : Vinny
Last Name : Cerracchio
Gender : M
Age : 46
City : Bridgewater
State : NJ
Country : US
Phone : (908)246-9430

This man is bipolar/psychotic. Has split personalities. Verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive. Severe road rage. Will risk your life, your kids life and his own kids life by driving wrecklessly while you and kids in car just because someone isn’t driving fast enough for him. If they are in his way. Will threaten to kill people on the highway calling them names like f***** p****! I’ll kill you. Pull over! With 10 year olds in the car. If you ask him to calm down he’ll tell you to STFU. If your dating him he’ll ruin your birthday every year. His personality changed like a flip of a switch. You don’t have to do or say anything wrong. All of a sudden he’s just nasty to you.
Calls you names like b****,c***, w**** right in front of your kids and his own kids. He’s also jealous. Can’t take being with a pretty woman with a great personality
Does steroids because he’s insecure about himself and his height.
This is the worst relationship I’ve ever been in. I literally still have nightmares of him.
I feel bad for any new GF he has.
He’s 5′ 7″. Black hair. Blue eyes
Drives white 4 runner and white Alfa
He will act like the nicest person you ever met but please be aware. This man is a true pyscho.

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