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Valeria Sweetz Los Angeles, California

First Name : Valeria
Last Name : Sweetz
Gender : F
Age : 22
City : Los Angeles
State : CA
Country : US

Valeria Sweetz has never had a job, and uses guys for money while she’s on welfare This s**t has a long history of cheating on her man from county all these years. She always looks for older men that can pay her for sexual favors and buy her drugs and alcohol. She got caught once having s*x with her ex-homegirl’s stepdaddy!!! She also got beat up sleeping with this guy “RATA”, and my man keeps hitting her up to kick it. I know they have been banging in the car and in motels… no one in the hood likes her bcuz she tries to sleep with every dude!! She still thinks she’s the homegirl!!!L***O… all she does is suck d**k to get by!!!

One thought on “Valeria Sweetz Los Angeles, California

  1. What does it say about you to STILL call him your man when you “know’ they have been sleeping together? What is wrong with YOU to do that and waste your time posting here? Grow TF up and live a healthy, stress free life and stop being childish.

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