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Travis Woods Anchorage, Alaska

First Name : Travis
Last Name : Woods
Gender : M
Age : 34
City : Anchorage
State : AK
Country : US
Phone : (907)744-2755

This psyco lives in anchorage alaska and frequents the valley as well. He enjoys playing games with emotions and loves playing the victim. He is extremely mentally ill and uses his mental illness as an excuse to treat women like garbage. He claims to have thier best interests in mind but he uses them then just as quickly as he supposedly falls in love he dumps them. He has done it to many women in the anchorage/valley area and even did it to the mother of his children who had to take a restraining order out on him. He is incapeable of being normal and a good man.

One thought on “Travis Woods Anchorage, Alaska

  1. You’d have to be a scientist and a psychiatrist to imagine thisguy could have issues. Seriously, are you dumber than s**t? Look at this loser.

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