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Timothy Steward Homeless , Georgia

First Name : Timothy
Last Name : Steward
Gender : M
Age : 25
City : Homeless
State : GA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Tim
Alias 2 : Timothy
Alias 3 : Tizzy

2 kids , He f**k anyone let’s him live with them, raw . He likes fat and Obese women with low self esteem so that he can use them for their money . Not afraid to ask for money but when u ask him , “he don’t got it” He’s been homeless for years now , never had anything in his name and has horrible credit. (Cant open a bank account due to cashing fake checks and giving half to his homeboy who made the check) Has had Cancer 4 times. Can’t hold down a job to save his life so he does day labor on Cleveland avenue by the Walmart to send his baby mama $13 a week cause “that’s all he got” he’ll use ur car to go f**k ur best friend but he won’t contribute more than $35 towards rent because “that’s all he got” lol pathetic

One thought on “Timothy Steward Homeless , Georgia

  1. So you’re admitting to being obese with low self esteem? I pray you get help for that. You do realize he can only go raw if you let him, right? So you bare some of the responsibility. Sorry this happened to you.

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