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Thomas Fleming Staten Island, New York

First Name : Thomas
Last Name : Fleming
Gender : M
Age : 53
City : Staten Island
State : NY
Country : US
Phone : (917)816-3119
Alias 1 : Tommy
Alias 2 : Tommy Ridge
Alias 3 : Tom

Guy is a pathological liar. Everday and ALL the time. Even about stupid stuff..all his stories are mostly bullshit or extremely exaggerated..Will make you think you were saved for him by G*d cause he had a long term gf who wouldn’t let him go out and because all his ex girlfriends were psychos, thieves, and stalked him and stole his money. Tommy Hangs out with a homeless Trinidad guy, Brian, who he will tell you he saved from the streets but he actually uses the mentally unstable guy for cheap labor . Brian lives in Tommy’s condemned house and claims that he will pay him less because of rent..meanwhile tommy’s house has no running water, heat or user.says he uses people because we are all tools in his toolbox….he Will show you his investment properties to act like he’s a big shot. Meanwhile he uses all his personal money to keep his business afloat. He will always be the victim and paint a picture of everyone out to get him . He will complain constantly about his employees screw**g him over and people who owe him money. Then you will feel sorry for him and stick up for him and he makes you want to help him. He loves drama and loves to create drama. He is so two faced to everyone. He loves to play the victim and will come home every night to tell you about his day and how everyone fu***d him over. He won’t stand up for himself or you. He’s a coward. He will use you as his secretary and you will try to help and collect money for his business but when you help by sending invoices and calling customers, he will back stab you and throw you under the bus to the same customers you tried to collect from..totally two faced to everyone including his family…talks about his ex drug addict cousin Matt who he will say is jealous of him but then hangs out with him like he’s his best friend…talks about his own mother and how she has mental issues and takes anti depressants and how his mother was cheating on his father in Hawaii and how him and his father had to install bugs on his house phone to catch his cheating mother who is a drunk and troublemaker and he talks about his sister too and brother in law…says his brother in law probably cheats on his sister cause they are hardly together and the brother in law tried to on a boy’s night out once with Tommy there to cheat on his sister..talks about his sister always away at his upstate house and he’s not welcome there and how his siter and brother in law stole it from him and changed the look of the house without hius consent.. But will talk so friendly to his sister weekly and act like everything is fine. I could go on and on but there’s too much… just know he talks about everyone behind their backs.including his girlfriend… instead of communicating with his gf he will talk about everything that bothers him to everyone else but her…and one day that will include you…he hates women and says they are all evil because that’s what his mommy told him.. He is extremely selfish and will shower u with expensive gifts and fancy dinners, jewelry etc. but that’s just to reel you in.. . He’s two faced. Will make you think he loves you to your face but will tell everyone else that you’re a pain In the a*s and hates you but he can’t leave cause you’ll ruin his business/life. He also tells everyone personal details about your s*x life..this guy is not genuine..He likes to live with women in their homes because he can’t get his s**t together. He’s never married and no kids for a reason. 53 year old left over reject misfit… Definitely not husband or father material and he’s definitely not able to get anyone pregnant…shooting blanks…steady gf’s for over 18 years and never got anyone prego. He’s a left over reject and he also picks his nose and eats it!!!…not joking..I witnessed this and wanted to throw up .also scratches his a*s and b***s raw from fungus and poor hygiene . Ladies don’t waste your years with this bullshit artist. Total fraud…it will be great in the beginning because he tries to make you think that love came into his life when he met you and never before….so full of s**t… he told me he wanted to have babies and get married but this is all bullshit too cause he wants to work 17 hour days…he will say to his workers it’s to get away from his gf but really he is just a workaholic that doesn’t know how to love anything .or anyone…not even himself… because of his low self esteem…he also hates kids..calls them brats behind their backs…talks about everyone…loves gossip, the news, and newspapers so he can get more gossip..and watch out for his insulting-to-your-face mother who is very interfering and will try to break you guys up .you will think u found the one..but he’s a good faker and makes you think you are the one for him…he tries to buy you and take you out to nice expensive dinners but all he wants is one thing…be careful Ladies.. he’s not!!! run as fast as you can…HE ONLY CARES ABOUT HIMSELF AND HIS LOSING ELECTRICAL COMPANY RIDGE ELECTRIC

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