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Steve Burton Gold Coast, –

First Name : Steve
Last Name : Burton
Gender : M
Age : 54
City : Gold Coast
State : -
Country : AU
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (041)965-9889
Website 1 : click to view website

On May 17th, 2018, Steve Burton (of PCS Finance – located on the Gold Coast, Australia – utilised the dating website to spend the evening with a young foreign woman new to the country and looking to make some extra money while travelling. The earlier part of the evening went fantastically, and because he has used the website for many years, she thought nothing of it when he invited her back to his place for a night cap. One thing lead to another and they decided to get intimate together. Particulars were discussed, and it was stipulated that protection was an absolute must as the girl was not on birth control. During their encounter, unbeknownst to the woman, Steve Burton decided to remove the condom without her consent and it was not until he orgasmed that she realised this had happened. Once she got home to the house she was staying at, she laid in the fetal position under the shower for hours crying.

The morality of websites like SeekingArrangement aside, stealthing is sexual assault and Steve Burton was more than happy to cross that line even after been explicitly told not to do so. Do not trust him!

Unfortunately, the financial imbalance between him and the woman means that pursuing legal options is not viable.

Be warned, Steve Burton will use his money and power to take what he wants from vulnerable women.

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