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Stephanie Box Smith Columbus, Kansas

First Name : Stephanie Box
Last Name : Smith
Gender : F
Age : 26
City : Columbus
State : KS
Country : US
Alias 1 : Stephanie Smith
Alias 2 : Stephanie B Smith
Alias 3 : Stephanie Box Smith
Website 1 : click to view website

Stephanie Smith who is 26 years old from Columbus, Kansas. She’s a mother of 4 who is married and can’t keep her legs closed. She leaves her kids and husband for days at at time to get high and sleep around. She spreads her legs for anything that walks. She has been caught on videos having s*x and giving blow jobs. She is a Home Wrecker and she doesn’t care. She sleeps and with married men and she cheats on her husband.

2 thoughts on “Stephanie Box Smith Columbus, Kansas

  1. Without proof do you realize she can post your picture, address and phone number, and say worse about you? Think before you post without proof. Sorry if this really did happen though.

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