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Simon Barnes Harrogate, –

First Name : Simon
Last Name : Barnes
Gender : M
Age : 39
City : Harrogate
State : -
Country : GB
Alias 1 : wolfsbane314
Alias 2 : Sam
Alias 3 : Big Bear
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website

Married liar. Pretends he wants a relationship, all he wants is bareback s*x with random women.
Does the typical narcissistic love bombing technique, gives an over the top speech about definitely being single (which should have been a warning really), and does a lot of romantic gestures.
I saw what he said to his wife when he got caught and it contradicted everything from my perspective. This guy knows what he’s doing and is doing it purposefully, be careful.
I keep all my info on him hidden online as well as exposed, contact me if you need it.

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