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Sheva Burton Wrexham , –

First Name : Sheva
Last Name : Burton
Gender : M
Age : 60
City : Wrexham
State : -
Country : GB
Email :
Alias 1 : Shivvy
Alias 2 : Sheva The Deceiva
Alias 3 : Fatty Cankles
Website 1 : click to view website

I am an old stinking alcoholic. I smell of p**s and I love to play with animals. I inform on behalf of the NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY in order to disrupt the actions of Paedophile Hunters while claiming they themselves are abusive paedophiles.

I love Royden James Jones of the Outlaw Police Blog and I am a member of the SATANIC abuser group based at

That is the site we all meet up on when targetting innocent people or trying to spread the word that DEVIL worshipping is a good practice carried out by people who want to promote themselves as protecting children from seedy nonces.

I too, just like Ricky Dearman and Roy Jones am a f*****g idiot – but I do have something going for me in that I look like Jo Brand even when I post videos full of lies and slander to Youtube about people I think we can scare.

I am an old sweaty fat f**k with a minge like a blue waffle and I can’t remember the last time I spotted a wankstain.

I love the Devil and the police and Jimmy (Royden) as I ignore his obvious criminality along with my own while crying to Facebook constantly after I have been caught out as a lying, sickly abuser.

Please, someone contact me so I can get some s*x with an actual human. Thanks.

One thought on “Sheva Burton Wrexham , –

  1. This is the work of the spiteful troll Robert Matheson also known as Fabooka Da Stait from Wigan, UK. A middle aged angry gay man who still lives with his mother Norman Bates style. A sick little man who needs to get a life instead of harassing and stalking child abuse survivors 24/7

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