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Shawna Cushway Phoenix, Arizona

First Name : Shawna
Last Name : Cushway
Gender : F
Age : 41
City : Phoenix
State : AZ
Country : US

Lived with this POS for 3 years. Always had an excuse for not paying rent, but amazing had money to buy all of her vices (can you say loser). Along with sleeping all day and lacking basic hygiene, she was a horrific dog owner. She’ll say she has Asperger’s, but really she’s just a self absorbed bee with an itch. She’s lazy, selfish, manipulative and treats her family like c**p. Ask her about the time she got wasted Christmas Eve and blew off her family? She’ll always play the victim, good luck discussing anything bill or money wise, she’s usually wasted and will say how horrible money is and turn things around on you. Good luck with her.

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