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Shauna Jay Byrd Johnston County, North Carolina

First Name : Shauna Jay
Last Name : Byrd
Gender : F
Age : 27
City : Johnston County
State : NC
Country : US
Alias 1 : Shauna Byrd
Alias 2 : Shauna J Byrd
Alias 3 : Shauna Jay Byrd

Shauna jay Byrd back at it again!!! If you know this dumb c**t from Smithfield it must burn when you owe. She’s a dumb b***h who can’t stay outta jail went to jail for misuse of 911 system… Meanwhile she can’t stop f*****g a spick who controls her money… Let me give my food stamp card to a stranger and have to beg them for ramen noodles… G*d will burn you b***h can’t wait for tribulations you will get it in the worst way possible

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