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Roland Hines St. Louis, Missouri

First Name : Roland
Last Name : Hines
Gender : M
Age : 32
City : St. Louis
State : MO
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (314)302-1292
Alias 1 : Ss.samus

This man has scammed all of his exes out of a lot of money. It’s surprising that he’s a cop, because he is currently being garnished by the US treasury for tax fraud. He pretends to be a nice guy, but his colors come out when he doesn’t get what he wants from you. He ran one of his exes credit from 700 to 400 because he started spending the bill money on things that he wanted, rather than necessities.

20 thoughts on “Roland Hines St. Louis, Missouri

  1. It’s funny how women who leave you will try and ruin your name. None of this is true and who ever posted this will hear from my attorney and be sued for defamation of character. Also you will be charged with trespassing for going onto my parents property to post this on there front porch

    1. Let’s be real, no attorney would ever represent you. You owe everyone a s**t ton of money, including your attorney and your parents. When you don’t pay people, they stop working for you. Everyone is going to know the scam you’ve been running. And if someone is posting this on your parents door, you have issues.

      1. Here is the real email. Erin, you are impersonating me. You changed my email to make me look like I am trying to extort money from Roland. I love him and we are happy together. Please stop trying to ruin our relationship. Do not contact me. Take down this fake email or I will be forced to file a restraining order against you.

        1. The last reply didn’t include the screen shot of the real email I sent. I hope the real email pic gets posted this time.

  2. Wow, hilarious! Who did this?
    Love how you assume that I did this and then FLEW all the way across the country, printed out a copy, and somehow found your parent’s house and posted it on their porch.

    Thanks for posting me on here right after posting this. It has your name and a time stamp.

  3. Erin, you have 30 days to take this fake email down. Here’s the real one. Now I really believe him even more than I already did because you’re changing screenshots of emails. That’s psychotic behavior. You have to take this down or I will get a restraining order against you.

  4. It’s a real email. It’s in my inbox. Leave me alone and stop putting my personal business online. I have far more to get you for. If I were you, I would hire an attorney to write a cease and desist letter to remove both Roland and my postings. All of this is pretty much your fault, because you got involved and started being a keyboard warrior. Karma is a b***h, Kim. You will get yours.
    By the way, things cannot be removed from here.

  5. If you were so happy, you would leave me the f**k alone and just be together. I didn’t create this posting. But you have my personal business out here.

    I’ve told you several times NOT to contact me. I blocked you on Facebook.

    I didn’t even know you existed until you contacted me, Kim. That’s how much I don’t care. And you think I want Roland back? You f*****g him while we were together saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life! I’m relieved that I didn’t marry his a*s.

    The only issue is that I’m so disgusted that he’d stoop so low to f**k someone like you because he couldn’t wait a couple weeks to see me. It’s killed my desire to be in a relationship because I’m worth so much more than that.

    And then MY business is put out there in a malicious way? And you think nothing of it because I tell my partners about it. It’s meant for my partners to know, not everyone that googles me.

    1. I’m amazed at how this was posted at 12:27am. I’m guessing your phone must have typed it up and passed the Captcha all on its own seeing as how you were asleep in bed with me 2 hours prior to this even beiin posted. It has to be skynet taking over or someone is impersonating you again. Never knew someone could be so crazy to fake emails, comments and other screenshots. Who knows what this person will come up with next. Find out next time on DragonBall!!!!

  6. Well well well… I had a gut feeling, im definitely not dumb, like to to do my research, never googled a guys name before, seems like this was the perfect time to start! surprised but not dumbfounded. Thank you ladies, owe you all more than you can imagine!

  7. What happened next is that Roland tried to get a domestic violence protection order against me for this…and failed! And it was fun seeing him fail as he had no case and even got caught lying. Anyway, you must also know about the abuse of process laws in Missouri.

    Anyway, peace! ✌️

  8. I told you man, don’t f**k crazy. They will do everything in their power to make you look like you did wrong. I even warned you not to mess with this chick, I bet you regret it now lol. We all know the truth and this post is a bunch of BS, it’s messed up she used a picture of you in uniform like it’s the only picture she has of you then decided to tell nothing but lies. I mean seriously how could you be law enforcement if you were convicted of tax fraud. Last time I checked that’s a felony and felons cannot handle firearms. She’s obviously bitter over something she did. Keep your head up and just ignore her lies cuz karma is real and it will get her in the end.

    1. She ain’t that crazy smh. He stole money from me too. We neighbors & were f****n up until like 5 weeks ago. He asked 2 hold some money for a car payment & didn’t pay me back. Then he threatened to get me evicted. But I’m moving tho so f**k him. I was lookin for contact for his boss when I googled & found this s**t. F****n figures b***h a*s n***a.

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