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Robert Knapp Lewiston , Idaho

First Name : Robert
Last Name : Knapp
Gender : M
Age : 40
City : Lewiston
State : ID
Country : US
Phone : (509)334-0803
Alias 1 : Rob
Alias 2 : Leslie
Alias 3 : Narcissistic Sociopath
Website 2 : click to view website

Robert Leslie knapp is a cheating, LYING, narcissistic sociopath. He made his ex wife and her family believe he was kind, honorable and lived with integrity. For 20 years we loved and doted on him. Yet this fool thought he needed to be treated like a G*D, not just king of her s Home. He cheated with his newly appointed assistant at Safeway and continued to do so, like a perfect coward would. Finally a few months ago, instead of being honest and saying he’s leaving for another woman, he blames his wife!!! He told her she disgusts him, she ABUSED him, (my 5 foot versus robs 6’2”) He blamed her saying she broke him sexually and mentally….although this d**k and mind work fine for the brainless Julia Fifer.
I had to create something to shame Rob. He doesn’t deserve happiness. I pray pharmacy is swift and three fold.

2 thoughts on “Robert Knapp Lewiston , Idaho

  1. For YOU to name her (Julia), is dead wrong and should not be allowed here! You ate/were in a relationship with HIM only so NEVER slander someone else or name them!

    1. Julia is a buck tooth, big a*s adulterating b***h that is a waste of skin and brings shame to her family!!!! Her name should be shouted from the roof tops for all the families she has ruined!

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