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Rob Radway Lindsay, –

First Name : Rob
Last Name : Radway
Gender : M
Age : 37
City : Lindsay
State : -
Country : CA
Alias 1 : Daddy

This guy is a MAJOR DANGEROUS psycho. Hes very violent during s*x, he will put you in a choke hold and handcuff you while you are passed out.
He also has an obession with 16 year old girls, who he has call him Daddy. He fantasizes about kidnapping these girls and violently hurting them. One woman had the unfortunate chance of finding this out the hard way. He handcuffed her after he choked her unconsious and raped her anally while punching her in the face repeatedly. The police WERE CALLED by his BEST FRIEND, and 8 cruisers and cops responded as the woman was trying to leave his place, which was lucky for her as he had flattened her tires.
This guy is good looking but a TRUE PSYCHO, very dangerous, the 16 year old girls he texts have no idea what he really wants to do to them. I have seen his texts( I snuck a look on his phone.)
He is the equivalent of Paul Bernardo (look up that guy if you dont know who he is)
He also fantasizes about killing his ex and having gsex on her body because she (rightfully and wisely) wont let him see his young daughter.
If you are in the Kawartha Lakes or Durham region area, he is on POF, BEWARE

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