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Richard Graham-Enock London , –

First Name : Richard
Last Name : Graham-Enock
Gender : M
Age : 37
City : London
State : -
Country : GB

This person is a nasty troll. Thinks it is acceptable to send women vulgar messages online and insult their appearances and their age. It appears this man has psychopathic tendencies and needs some help. His messages were quite entertaining at the time albeit rather disturbing.

He claims he is 37 years of age but looks in his 40s so I cannot verify if he is really 37 although this is his ‘online’ age. Please tread with caution if you happen to come across this vile, pitiful human being.

2 thoughts on “Richard Graham-Enock London , –

  1. Erm. So this is comical. Lads, lesson here is don’t refuse to meet slightly crazy women from Inner Circle. They fly off the handle in big numbers. I didn’t even meet this woman and she stuck me on here. 🤣. Complete lunatic. Imagine being married to her!!

    Anyway. If anyone else reads this. I’m totally normal and definitely worth a date. 😇. And absolutely not what whoever this nutbag is says I am. Good luck! Xx

  2. Lol! I mean WOW…. I refused to meet this chick on the Inner Circle because i thought she was a little crazy and she lost her mind over it but i never thought she’d go this far!

    I mean at least she says my messages were entertaining! To be fair I do have good chat. ;).

    Anyway. Don’t believe nutbag up there, i’m a great date and totally balanced and normal. Hence why i’m the one responding to this, not posting about someone i’ve never met!

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