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Rebecca McDonald Saskatoon, –

First Name : Rebecca
Last Name : McDonald
Gender : F
Age : 37
City : Saskatoon
State : -
Country : CA
Alias 1 : Bex

This person is nasty nasty Canada United States UK I don’t care you will not find anything as bad as this person there’s crazy meth lab drug addict loser of losers
This crazy b***h or rip off her own mother she has no morals 37 years old 6 on welfare claiming she’s disabled when think she’s disabled about is being normal always a victim always the one done wrong by Pity Me Pity Me Pity Me this crazy b***h even drove one of her ex-lover’s to kill himself ex drug Runner talk about the big bucks she met big Bank funny how she can’t even afford a g*****n bag of f*****g Mentos
She brags about but a bakery girl she was how she was with that h a clubhouse
and she wasn’t a little b***h or she is one of the in ones
She loves to tell stories oh yes great story teller
Likes to brag about how she rip stuff off and the people she ripped off off with this person is a right of rats Google name all over the internet so what’s more fitting than to have her here chick States money from old man that used to prostitute threatening to tell their wives she steals her friend’s boyfriend’s anything that moves no morals
This b***h can never be wrong no matter what happens she is right she loves Google and YouTube she lives for it she loves call everybody sociopath narcissist big words she learns on YouTube what the sad thing is everything she says about you points right to her we she is but she would never accept that just like she can’t accept that mouth is a problem she thinks that’s what keeps her alive she thinks that’s what makes her motivated
She steals money from her husband goes behind his back collect welfare doesn’t tell him all the support her habit
She doesn’t care who she hurts what she does as long as she gets what she wants be aware if you ever run into her you can’t even run fast enough to get away from this one she looks old man easy pray for her she’ll do anything with anyone but watch for the STDs she’s loaded

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