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Rachel Hoskins West Carrollton, Ohio

First Name : Rachel
Last Name : Hoskins
Gender : F
Age : 37
City : West Carrollton
State : OH
Country : US
Alias 1 : Rachel Y Hoskins
Alias 2 : Rachel Yvonne Hoskins
Alias 3 : Rachel Hoskins

She seems pretty ungrateful: living off other people… guilting a guy into taking care of not just her and her psycho a*s only, who she is not the best liar out there. Then when nothing makes her happy, goes back to mommy and daddy to fund her revenge in court… Sounds like a combination of gold digger, s**t, b***h & spoiled rotten plus a whole lot of crazy rolled into one. What are those bumps on her p***y? Does she have herpes? Her p***y that looks like it belongs to a 78 year old woman though….

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