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jerry r

First Name : jerry
Last Name : r
Gender : Male
Age: 50
Occupation: photographer, sales
City : orlando
Country : US

If you ever meet this freak- RUN the other way. He is a psychopath like you can\\\'t imagine. I met him 2 years ago- we didn\\\'t date but were talking. Because my boss was being rude to me, this jerk ditched me and began harassing me badly. Just harassing me for no reason- saying horrible things about me- total psychopath. forward 2 years later- we somehow meet again. I forget the crap he did to me before, so I figure he can\\\'t be that bad. He was worse. He will play extremely sick twisted weird mind games with people- the kind only narcissists play confusing the heck out of you, and trying to upset you, and if you finally get upset, then he'll get worse and then end up calling u crazy and other names and putting u down.

This loser is a narcissist and sociopath- he treats women horribly, and projects all his crap onto them and wants to purge his anger onto nice women. He is very abusive, narcissist style and is crazy sick evil. First he will try to piss a woman off, and when she gets upset, he will start arguing with her and playing head games. He\\\'ll be glad she\\\'s upset. Then he will start attacking her in diff ways trying to break her down, and will start projecting all his crap and flaws onto her. He is really twisted evil and sick. One of the worst. Worthless twisted dumb crazy person. He claims his ex used him badly then divorced him. Maybe she did or maybe he abused her who knows. He is sick--if you ever meet this psycho- RUN dont even go on one date. I stupidly went on another date with him only to be a target of all his abuse and hell. Very sick person but pretends he\\\'s nice and puts on a good facade. Total lunatic. He was a photographer and is in sales. He might be a coach for children I think. Either way- he is really sick and twisted- the level of verbal mental and emotional abuse he takes it to is really extreme though. Extremely twisted sick person.

So I actually wrote a profile about him under jerry n 2 years ago but forgot about it.
Too bad I didn\'t find it otherwise I would\'ve never gone on another date with him. Here\'s what I wrote, and because I forgot how abusive this twisted jerk was I accidentally met up with him again bad idea.

ware of this guy I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t know his last name. His name is jerry and he\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a photographer and insurance agent in Orlando fl. He is emotionally verbally mentally abusive to women. Very sick twisted person. He will try to force women into seeing him f they Say they\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re sick or busy. He will verbally harass berate spew projection and abuse at them for hours then keep saying do you feel better now that you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve gotten that out?! He\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s crazy and sick. Then after he abuses u for hours thru text and phone he says do u want to hang out tomorrow? He will call u all sorts of names crazy this that. Put u down insult you. Then he will say that this is a bit too abusive for him and pretend he was role playing. Run women!!! 586222

I knew this sicko for two weeks. He tried to force me to see him one day berating attacking me when I was sick then kept telling me I was abusive. He was bipolar abusive mentally warped and continued attacking me and projecting his own psychosis onto me insulting abusing putting me down. He was abusing me for what other women had done to him. He kept accusing me of lying to him and he is psychotic. After he got done terrorizing abusing and purging onto me he\\\'d accuse me of doing that to him. Then he pretended he was role playing and it was a game. He did all of this because one day I said I was too sick to hang out with him. He went totally psychotic. He is mentally Ill and deranged. He kept calling me nasty names putting me down. Then he said he did it on purpose because he thought I liked that. He is so crazy and so twisted u don\\\'t ever want to meet shit like this.

Then after he abuses u for hours pretends it\\\'s role play then he\\\'ll say I thought u were into this. Wow u pulled a good one on me. Still blaming the victim for his psychosis mental abuse etc. he would abuse me then say I abused him. He kept saying I was being abusive to him. He is mentally screwed up obviously and kept saying I ws crazy and needed medication. Then he said so want me to come over tomorrow? I think he felt that because I dealt with other sociopaths I\\\'ve take
And put up with his crazy sick abuse. Then after berating me for hours and telling me I was abusing him he asked me to apologize to him and kept calling me crazy. Then he kept putting me down more and saying I was abusing him. He is mental beware

Then he continued berating me for another hour or so.
Then he said he wanted to suck my hair flabby body and kept insulting and harassing provoking me. He is the sickest most twisted sociopath. Then he continued getting angry and saying ARE U DONE NOW DO U FEEL BETTER NOW?! Sick lunatic beware

This ugly useless retarded sicko was also semi abusive to my cat. He pet her weird and patted her sort of hitting her. Total twisted nutjob. Then when. She was trying to eat he threw a bag at her. He is a fuking nutjob and animal and woman abuser.
He is ugly fat dumb useless evil deranged sicko. Beware women of this ugly pile of shlt

He is mentally unstable twisted deranged psychotic and if u ever encounter him again he will begin hurling insults at you berating you going crazy. Then he says that, you like the abuse and will ask to come over and see you. the reason this sicko got mental was because one day I said i couldn\'t see him and he kept forcing to try to see me and when i said not today he went nuts...he is abusive psychotic beware...

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