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Sobia Sayeda

First Name : Sobia
Last Name : Sayeda
Gender : Female
Age: 48
Occupation: Architect
City : Santa Fe
Country : US
Website 1: click to view website
Website 2: click to view website

Oh where to begin… Sobia Sayeda is a classic narcissist. She posted on here a year ago about her ex husband and his new girlfriend a completely fabricated story. She said how she stole her husband, well truth be told he actually had filed for divorce almost a year earlier and HE was the one that left him. She is so crazy and controlling she spent a year trying to keep her ex husband from moving on by harassing them, threatening to make him lose his job and making up fake stories on the internet. Since then Sobia has made her rounds around Santa Fe and Dallas sleeping with whatever she can get her hands on. She gets her claws in her prey, uses them for whatever she can get financially then moves on to the next victim. She was “engaged” for about 5 minutes with a married man that was in the area because he was there for training. He left and she moved on to the next one. Not before ruining his marriage. 6 different men in 11 months with her kid, sleeping over and playing daddy. Complete disregard for her kids safety as long as she is getting paid and “spoiled” Not to mention admitting to leaving the kid overnight by herself so she could party. Mother of the year! Currently she’s with a City of Santa Fe co-worker playing house. Of course, the fact that she was living with a guy right before meeting him and letting him move in. The sexual favors she provides obviously wins over the proof he is with a whore. She breaks laws, lies on the witness stand and works as an \"architect\" she lies about this too. This is a warning for all of you ladies living in New Mexico. She is a liar, she is a narcissist and she will sleep with anyone’s man for money. Keep your men far away from her. Nasty fake witch!

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