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Nicole Wasserman

First Name : Nicole
Last Name : Wasserman
Gender : Female
Age: 29
Occupation: Hairdresser/Puck Slut/Gold Digger
City : Los Gatos
Country : US

Guys: If you’re rich-particularly a pro athlete (esp. hockey)-run as fast as you can away from this piece of work! I speak from direct experience.

She's a hairdresser at The Beauty Bar in Los Gatos and a well-known puck slut/gold digger with past history of hooking up with hockey players. She was chasing a player from New York last year, and then moved on to another guy in San Jose while he played there not long after. They’re only two of several she’s been with before sinking her claws into the latest victim. She’s using him the same way as previous others, with her main focus on getting a come up.

This dumb bitch actually thinks she and the latest guy are serious but I’ve seen firsthand how he acts single in public and doesn’t even claim her. He’s a quiet and unassuming person who doesn’t like people nosing around in his private life, but unfortunately Loose Lips can't keep her mouth shut which is why she’ll never rise above the status of booty call. Girl isn’t even hot (maybe a 3 1/2 out of 10) with a big nose, horsey teeth, looks a bit cross-eyed, and has no tits.

Her mouth runs constantly, obsessively bragging about everything she’s doing with the current guy. I feel sorry for him in a sense for “casually dating” (aka f**king) this ho despite his being in contact for the past month with someone he once dated while playing for another team back East. He’s also texting another one living in the same Eastern city as the ex he’s talking to, so yeah, he isn’t into Miss Sloppy Seconds as much as she wants everyone to believe.

She always talks about hockey players and “befriended” one of the announcers’ wives when the woman moved to San Jose with obvious intentions; the way Nicole kisses the other woman's ass is hilarious. Kind of sad in a way how people laugh behind her back about what an opportunist and fake she is. I’ve seen/heard all of this with my own eyes and ears so nothing mentioned a lie.

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