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Luisa Camoglio

First Name : Luisa
Last Name : Camoglio
Gender : Female
Age: 48
Occupation: PhD slut
City : Amsterdam
Country : NL

Luisa camoglio is a lesbian bitch who is living in Amsterdam with her two ugly adopted children. this slut is from italy in origin & has been living most of her life in the netherlands eating pussy & selling alcoholic beverages.. she creates events for selling her shit wine & for reading her shit poems because her main objective is to meet women who are going to eat her pussy & fuck her hard. she is the best at emotional manipulation & making you feel like you are the most nice girl in the world but in the end it is only to fuck you, take your money and leave you..... also she is always looking for someone she can fuck who will also babysit her ugly annoying children... she says a lot that manners are important for her and loyalty but she was busy fucking her ex while I babysat her children for her when she went back to italy... she is addicted to sex & always in the start she says her children are so important to her, when really fucking is the most important thing in her life. she will die if her pussy isn't licked everyday.... she doesn't wash it enough too... her latest pussy addiction is christa, who is the woman she keeps going back to for fucking.

women in amsterdam be careful of this slutty whore

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